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The International Jewish Film Festival in Mexico (FICJM) is proud to invite producers and filmmakers from all over the world to register their films in the upcommig selection.


Registration for the FICJM is open all year and free. All material is evaluated by a selection committee which includes specialists, academics and directors, chaired by the Programming Coordinator and the Director of FICJM. The verdict of the committee cannot be appealed.

The committee will evaluate the values of film production, contribution and artistic excellence in areas such as script, direction, photography, performance, music, etc; and the presence of some element of Jewish Culture in order to make the selection.

The final selection will be defined by the quality of the submitted works, and will seek to represent the different cinematographic industries and nations that approach the subject of Jewish Culture. Priority will be given first to worldwide premiers, then premiers in The Americas, then premiers in Latin America, and finally premiers in Mexico.

To be considered, the films must be registered as follows:

Complete the online registration form available on the webpage 

The movies selected for our official selection will be contacted privately by our Director / Programmer.

A final copy of the selected films should be sent in this format: Quicktime Apple ProRes (HQ) 1920 x 1080 /24fps / CLEAN VERSION (without subtitles and with accompanying dialogue book in English) for screening procedures. The film should arrive at the FICJM offices, and will be saved in FICJM’s private library.

The registered film must make reference to the Jewish Culture through one of the following elements:

  1. A) Characters b) Traditions c) Locations d) History e) Religion f) Language g) Values



International Jewish Film Festival A.C. is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization, which aims to share the Jewish people’s cultural diversity through film. In this regard, the themes of the Festival’s films relate to representative aspects of the Jewish Culture.

The following categories are considered:

Memory of the Holocaust: Films that relate to the historical context of World War II.

Diaspora: Films that portray the situation or condition of Jewish/Judaism or similar identities outside of Israel.

Diversity: Films that touch the subject of LGBTTI groups related to the Jewish or Israeli world.

Contemporary Israel: Films in which the story unfolds in relationship with the modern State of Israel.

Youth: Films that involve young people and their stories in different contexts related to Jewish culture.

Arab – Israeli conflict: Films that address conflicts that arise from the lack of respect for diversity, difference in thought and the integration of cultures.

Traditions: Films that speak about the traditions of Jewish culture and its development throughout history.


The duration of the feature films competing must not be less than 60 minutes nor more than 150 Minutes.


  1. To participate in this section of the competition, only productions with a minimum length of 60 minutes and no longer than 150 minutes, produced no later than 5 years to the present date. Films that have been screened in Mexico, or on Subscriber Video on Demand (SVOD) platforms that have programming in Mexico will be not be eligible.

2.- All selected films for the FICJM must deliver a clean copy of the Master in original language (only with original plaques and credits and without subtitles in any language) in format: Quicktime Apple ProRes (HQ) 1920 x 1080 / 24fps and English language dialogue book.

3 – Contestants must send, through the registration form, a link with the final version of the film (with English subtitles). This link should be private and password protected.

  1. To read and agree to the conditions for participation established in this call for proposals and in the rules of participation.


To participate in the FICJM, filmmakers must register their films filling the form available on the official website , also sending a private, password protected link with the final version of the film (with English subtitles) for online viewing.

The registration must be completed by a person or entity accredited by the owners of the exhibition rights of the film that will act as production contact. There is no limit on the number of titles that can be registered by the same producer or producing entity.

The registration of the film will not be considered valid if the record sheet is not filled in full and if a link or a copy is not received for review on the established dates.

The filmmakers who register the film must be credited as the authors of the work, and must possess its copyrights and moral rights. Likewise, they must possess the permits and rights for screening, text reproduction, works, music, marketing and other materials subject to the intellectual property and copyright laws used in the registered film. Upon submission, the filmmakers agree to release International Jewish Film Festival A.C. from any liability for the possible copyright claims that may arise from any third parties.

The remaining films selected in the official competition will automatically be saved in FICJM’s private library. FICJM will in no way share this materials without written permission from the rightholders.  

If there are doubts about the nationality of a film, the Festival will ask the filmmakers to document their origin, considering aspects such as the nationality of the director and creative team, sources of creditable financing in a country, as well as the country of realization.